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Over the past 35 years oapl has grown into the largest provider of prosthetics and orthotics in Australia. We’ve had the privilege of assisting thousands of Australians recover from a fracture, run for the first time as an amputee, or continue walking with confidence as they grow older.

For over 40 years OPC Health has provided a dedicated commitment to servicing prosthetic, orthotic and allied health professionals right around the country. From musculoskeletal bracing and prosthetic limbs to compression garments and clinical supplies, you can rely on OPC Health for all your healthcare needs.


OPED Germany

OPED was established in Germany in 1992 by Andreas Haßler, Engineer and ski boot Developer, together with Professor Peter Habermeyer, Orthopaedic Surgeon, and his brother Stephan Habermeyer.

Replacing the uncomfortable plaster cast with a light, functional vacuum splint was the vision of the OPED founders. Their vision became reality in 1993, when the VACOped – still the most successful OPED product today – came onto the market.

30 years later, OPED operates in 6 countries across the globe and continues to benefit patients and practitioners alike with their state-of-the-art, modern orthoses.

OPED Australia

For over 40 years, we’ve been empowering Australians to live active, independent lifestyles through prosthetic and orthotic services and the latest in medical technology.

From compression garments, to prosthetic feet, spinal bracing and everything in between, our vision is a world where human movement has no limits; through our oapl clinical service network and our OPC Health distribution division, we strive to make this vision a reality every day.

OPED Technology

The OPED range of innovative orthoses continues to lead the way for treatment and recovery of a range of acute injuries and conditions. What started with the VACOped orthosis has now developed into a comprehensive range of bracing for the feet, hands, shoulders and knees featuring OPED’s patented VACO12 technology.